No Wedding, No Womb!

The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost, and Single Mothers Whine About Being the New ‘Whipping Girls’

My favorite blog posts are often those that practically write themselves. I’ll see or observe something in life and the sheer absurity galvanizes me to write 500+ words of “WHAT-THE-CUSS?!” And as much as I really like spaces like Clutch because they are mostly populated by a stable of intelligent writers, there’s one position that mag makes perfectly clear time and time again…their editorial staff fiercely defends singlemotherhood tooth and nail, despite all evidence that the out-of-wedlock rate in the black community is at 80% (even close to 100% in some neighborhoods) of how devastating this has been in our community and to our kids. And let’s not even talk about how black women’s wombs are basically farms for the prison populous, shall we not? But enough is enough already.

Now just about everytime news of  some sort of program to and least TRY to tackle the single parenthood epidemic, or when yet the 50-11th report comes out to state the obvious that kids suffer from single parent households, here come the writers over yonder whining and crying because they feel attacked.

Chicks, you need to get over it. It ain’t all about you and your ego and your pride and justifications for wanting to do whatever the flip you want regardless of how it might affect others, so just shut up. Britni Danielle starts her piece like this:

It looks like the media found a new group to throw under the bus this week: single moms.

I really just want to say…keep our names out your mouth, yo…but I’m going to take a more diplomatic approach.

I’m not going to be so diplomatic.  You see, because the people who have to bear the burdons for the fallout of kids of single parents who don’t have the wherewithall to produce kids that want you to call them “doctor” at the age of seven are frankly getting tired of the bullshit. People are weary of paying for programs and mentorships and blah blah blah save the children stuff just so things can continue in the same way. Many of these folks who complain about the recent focus on the single-parent fallout just don’t want ANYONE to say ANYTHING EVER, but readily will ask for a handout to fix the mess.

And the irony is that the title of the piece, “Stop Talking About Single Mothers Unless You Have a Solution,” is that solutions ARE being offered, but you just don’t like any of them. These people reject all solutions that may require some behavioral adjustment. It’s so retarded and ridiculous and I sometimes wonder if Dr. Seuss isn’t really dead but he’s behind the green curtain eating ‘shrooms and pulling all the strings.

Look, there are times in our culture that we lean liberal, and then there are times that we move in a a more conservative direction. The single-parent debate has until recently, had it’s message dominated by liberal voices who want to defend single parenthood as a rite of feminism, and frankly don’t give a crap about what happens to the kids after, as long as someone else foots the bills. It’s been this way for decades, so it’s no surprise that so many women are shocked SHOCKED!! that they are losing ground in dominating the conversation and subsequent polices.

Not to be all all, “I told you so,” but…I TOLD YOU SO. In 2010 when people were all in our arses about the “absurdity” of No Wedding No Womb, I told you this day (and many more of the same days) were coming. There are people in high places who are working hard behind the scenes, and frankly these defenders of foolishness don’t have a snowball’s chance to stop it. And from a mother whose first child was born out of wedlock, I’ll be first in line cheering on the change, and I won’t let my own pride and ego get in the way of acknowledging the fact that we need to do better by our kids, because that’s what mature people do.


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