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Chris Brown and the Black Women Who Support Him

Written by Nicole j.

Let’s start with a story.

Not too long ago, my husband found himself on his personal Instagram account that lay unused for many years. One of Instagram’s own recommendations given to him was Chris Brown. Being that my husband does not follow pop culture that much, and certainly not degenerates like the subject of this post, all he asked me was “Isn’t that the guy that beat up Rihanna?” which I confirmed, and he followed that with “How is he still famous then?”

Food for thought.

Anyway, infamous woman beater and alleged dope fiend Cracktopher, um, I mean, Christopher Brown, 30, has been catching heat the last few days for making a public declaration, in song and in action, about his (unsurprising, not-at-all new) hatred of black women, especially dark skinned women. The offending lyric from some song I’m sure sounds like hot garbage set to a beat triggering such furor states he “only wanna fuck black bitches with nice hair”. There were also comments that said he had a “no dark skin girls” rule when he was in some event somewhere. To which I respond…

Whew, what a relief!

For the willfully obtuse people who are allergic to sense and critical thinking, we all know what “nice hair” means in the black community. Stop being dense. I have seen a few black women jump straight to stupidity to defend this male, saying things like “He prefers black bitches with nice hair. Who’s mad at that? If you’re mad is it because you think your hair isn’t nice?” or “he means women with well kept hair” or other excuses that show a painful lack of contextualization for our own plight. For all the degrees hanging on our collective walls, black women sure can say some dumb shit. Listen, it is commonly believed that anything kinkier that 4a curls is a no no, and the 4c gals like myself are the first to be dismissed. Look at Chris’ dating history. Is there a non-“nice-haired” woman among them? How about anyone darker than a paper bag? That’s what nice hair means. Quit explaining and contextualizing for dudes who do not give nary a fuck about you. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s continue.

I totally understand the optics of what happens when black men publicly disparage us. Getting called every negative name in the book by our male reflection has really done a number on the collective of black women in many ways I won’t go into here. Rap has turned practically turned “bitch” into a term of endearment.

But 1) it shouldn’t be a shock anymore, because famous black males view black women as an easy target, and treat our denigration like it’s a rite of passage, and 2) since Chris still has black female fans, black women are paying him to shit on them, meaning, they allow this nonsense to prosper. The fact that he even has an audience at all after assaulting Rihanna to cause this kind of uproar is suggestive of a bigger problem, that of the black woman’s willingness to forgive any fucking thing, even to her own detriment.


Is Coloristopher’s behavior outrageous? Sure, but so what? Despite Chris’ clear aversion to anything that is a black woman, the very same women he despises will be buying and streaming his music and giving him money, and all up in his DMs thinking that they will be the one that can change his mind. The actions and words of one colorist dumbass is harmful, but the actions of the women who haven’t immediately cut him off for publicly insulting them for millions to witness, is even worse.

Abusetopher has nearly 55 million followers on Instagram. I was scrolling through his comments for this article, and while some black women demanded an apology (which has a value of nothing, because we all know it wouldn’t be sincere, but whatever), stated their disappointment and plans for #cancellation (a little late, but hey, they got there in the end), other black women, in larger numbers than the first group, the very same dark skinned, not-the-good-hair archetype of women, defended him and his preferences, telling him to ignore the hate, that black women are too sensitive, and that he still has their support. The parallels to black women still supporting R. Kelly are not lost on me. The only difference is the decade these defenders of degeneracy were born in. If you still support Chris or any of his like-minded compatriots, you are rock stupid and I am ashamed you are a part of the collective.

When trash men state they don’t want you, after taking to social media to announce your imminent departure from his fan base, be grateful that they outed themselves so it makes it easier on you to know where to withdraw your support. I’ve never supported Chris (as I don’t support any American black male music), so boycotting these people is admittedly easier for me than most. It is not hard to not click that music video link or not search his name on music streaming platforms. If black men cared about the opinions of black women, the hip hop industry would look a bit different. But they don’t. You know what they do care about? Their purse (that’s what they must carry since they care so much about women’s hair, no?). So hit them in their bottom line and stop giving away your hard-earned money to males who hate you. It’s not hard.

Women without “nice hair” should be relieved that an abuser whose hairline is inching ever closer to his ankles is not checking for us. We already have top marks when it comes to violence against us, and we all know Fistopher’s propensity for throwing hands, so stop supporting him, and anyone who collaborates with him, both male and female, of any race. Black women have a lot more power than we care to admit, but unfortunately that power is used to propel the forces of evil, rather than subdue it.

What are your thoughts? Let’s hear it in the comments.

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