Chris’ Top Beauty Pics from Expo West 2015!

If you’re committed to keeping your beauty options natural, you definitely need to take a look at what’s coming up for 2015 with my favorite cosmetics companies.




Mineral Fusion is the standout, and it’s for good reason they’re the number one cosmetics company in the natural space. They have some really great offerings, great pigments, but have lagged previously with offering foundations and powders for brown girls…until now! (More on that later) My trade show favorites are hands down the gorgeous brick-red lipstick I’m wearing, called FLASHY, (on sale at Amazon for $11.99) and the brush-on sunscreen.





The Waxalene I mention is about $16, which is a bit pricy; but a quick look on Amazon and all the positive reviews, then I’m sure the creators are on to something.




Nubian Heritage items I feature are still so new they aren’t on the web site or available in stores. Keep abreast of the launch through their website, here. Same with Suki.


Healthy Hoo Hoo can be found on Amazon of course, and is about $14.

Design Essentials can be found on their website, here.




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