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Christelyn Karazin Addresses Critics of Her Interracial Dating Advocacy!

My, my, my. It seems to be that there’s some folks really feeling some kinda way about my promotion of interracial relationships with black women. Apparently I am single-handedly destroying the black community, merely because I have the NERVE to tell black women they are worthy and have options. I blaspheme when I tell black women that their unique beauty IN TOTALITY is attractive to men across the rainbeau, who aren’t dissecting them by body parts (fat ass, woo-haa, lips and titties). Worse, black women who cling to their wet dreams of ‘black love’ are clucking their tongues at this site, when in fact, they should be celebrating and encouraging it. I mean, why not? If I, Christelyn Karazin, is this self-hating, crazy, horrid promoter of the destruction of the black race and leading black women along the path to being the 150 year-old slave master’s bed wench, then it’s less competition in the quest for the magic black unicorn men. Here’s my take. Oh. And Merry F-ing Christmas, haters!!


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