Color U Bold: How to Detox Your Scalp!

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Have you ever heard of a scalp detox! I hadn’t either until I had a guest blogger on my blog talk about a Spring Hair Detox! I thought it was more for other ethnicities hair but it’s not! I looked up more about Hair Detox for African American Women and seen tons of articles especially on scalp detox! I think our scalp can get so dry very often. So a good detox is important to get the hair looking fabulous and alive again! Doing a scalp detox will ensure hair grows longer and healthier! We spend so much time on our hair with numerous products that we often wonder why our scalp is so dry! All of those products we are using is drying out our scalp and we need a refresh! Products clog pores making our scalp literally unable to breath! So the next time you do your hair cleaning regimen take in consideration cleaning out your scalp from the inside out with a mask!

Healthy Hair with a Scalp Detox!

A scalp detox includes massaging a mask into your hair to exfoliate the scalp and clean out unwanted gunk, which is, dead skin and toxins.

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Simple at Home Scalp Detox Mask to Try!

Use once a month or when you need it and leave on for at least 5 to 10 minutes and rinse out with your regular shampoo and conditioner. If you want to take your detox to a whole other level instead of shampoo try an apple cider vinegar rinse. Apple Cider Vinegar helps with ph balance and makes your hair extra shiny! The mask below is one I’ve seen a lot through and is very popular in the natural hair community! I’m so glad these products literally can be found in your pantry!


1tsp. Baking Soda: A natural cleansing ingredient that absorbs oils and product residue

2 tbsp Olive Oil: Filled with awesome antioxidants to help get rid of dandruff

½ tsp Cinnamon: Prevents fungal and bacterial infections to the scalp(eww!)


Now once you finish this Scalp detox keep maintaining that healthy shiny hair! Of course trim your ends and lay off the heat after your detox and moisturize your strands with natural light weight oils such as argon oil and jojoba oil. Opt out of using styling products every single day and instead go for protective styles such as braids, weaves, or wigs. Give your hair some rest!


I hope this helps and you try this out! I’ll be trying it out myself because my hair needs serious detoxing haha!


Have you heard of Scalp Detox? Have you tried it before?

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