Color U Bold: Jewel Toned Eye Makeup Tutorial and Berry Lips


I wanted to share with you all this quick look that is very simple and easy to do. Adding color to your lid, as a beginner, can be daunting but it’s all in the way you blend! Complete the look by adding a berry or fushia lip color and keep the cheeks as bare as possible but with a hint of color.

Jewel Tone Eyeshadow


Step 1: I start off in the crease with a dark purple taking it in half way.

Step 2: On the lid I applied an olive gold or just a gold eyeshadow.

Step 3: On the outercorner of the lid I applied a forest green eyeshadow and blended it out, in and out.

Step 4: On the bottom lid I started with the same purple and lined my bottom rim to the center.

Step 5: On the inner portion of the bottom lid I used the olive gold as a highlight and blended it to meet the plum.

Step 6: Right in the middle, I took the forest green eyeshadow and placed it in the middle while blending it out.

Step 7: Create a Cat eye for dramatic effect!

Go around the entire lid and blend everything out so there are no harsh lines.

Apply Your Lipliner and Lipstick

Bonus: I added a gold lipgloss just in the center of the top and bottom lip.

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