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Danielle Belton: The New, NEW Black Woman

Going off that last post over yonder about the New, NEW Black Woman (NNBW) I thought it would be fun (or just less redundant) to focus Black History Month on forward-looking stuff. Not that I have anything against Roots, it’s just…never mind.

So every single day this month, I’m aiming to profile some real, live women whom I identify as a shining example of the New, NEW Black Woman, along with a reason for why they have earned such a title.

First on the list is Danielle Belton. Besides having a kick-arse political blog (Black Snob for those of you rock-dwellers) she’s the go-to talking head for high-profile news outlets like CNN and NPR. As a freelance journalist, Belton has contributed to: Essence Magazine Online,, The American Prospect, The Root,, The Bakersfield Californian, NPR, The New School on POTUS, Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, DailyKos, The Huffington Post, Seven Magazine,, Cintra Wilson’s Dregublog, and

So why is she a NNBW? She’s done something the old New Black Woman would NEVER have done: She has been very open about her bouts with bipolar disorder, and has generously shared her experiences–both highs and lows–to shake off the stigma of mental illness in the black community so that men and women can get the help they need without guilt and shame. Now that take cajones.

Brava, Danielle, brava.

*Do you know a NNBW? Gurl, you better share. Hit me up at [email protected]

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