Danielle Bregoli: When “ghetto black chicking” pays off for the white girl…

Trash rag, TMZ reported yesterday that felonious teen delinquent, Danielle Bregoli, is heading to Los Angeles to meet with producers who are interested in her participation in a reality or scripted series. The “Cash Me Outside” 13-year-old brat has become an internet sensation as memes, mixes, and dancers are chanting the phrase that made her famous. She has been welcomed with open arms by rapper Kodak Black (notorious for his song about not wanting darkskinned black girls because he’s already black) who featured her in a video throwing out one dollar bills and generally being ratchet and ghetto. The video, released on February 9 on the World Star Hip Hop You Tube channel, already has a whopping 19 million views.

It seems that all the world embraces “black girl hood” culture from everyone except actual black girls. Even articles critical of Bregoli’s behavior have been sympathetic and calls for counseling for the misguided teenager are the order of the day. She’s mostly seen a “cute and misguided” and largely her behavior has reaped huge rewards for her and her family. She may “cash everyone” into a lifetime of financial freedom.

Now imagine Bregoli as a dark-skinned girl from Brooklyn doing the same thing–starting fights with people on airplanes, stealing cars, speaking almost incomprehensible English, and ask yourself how she would be received by the public at large. What would rappers like Kodak Black say about a girl like that? Would he invite her on a video? I think we know the answer to that one.

It’s stunning how other races can appropriate even the worst of black American hood culture and be rewarded while those actually IN the life are penalized, marginalized and derided. A black girl like Sharkeisha, who in 2013 and 17-years old, became infamous for a fight video inspires a flurry of You Tube videos from the He Man Black Woman Haters Club calling for her public execution. Society at large gives her similar treatment.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m not arguing on behalf of black girls and young women being rewarded for antisocial behavior. Neither Sharkeisha or Danielle should be. But one can’t help but be dismayed that while one girl is put in the prison system for bad behavior and the other is being featured on rap videos and interviewing for reality shows. The fact that we as a society are blatantly indicating our preference for white girls “ghetto black girling” makes me question my hope for humanity.


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