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Dear Black Nationalists, Don’t Use Halle Berry’s Train Wreck of a Life as an Excuse to Object to IRR.

I recently saw a video about how Halle Berry endured being called the n-word by Gabriel Aubry, and “polluted” her womb the evil white man’s seed. Bossip recently said this: We’re sure all this Halle v. Gabriel drama is doing more than a little damage to Swirl crushes and relationships across the country right now… Really? Why would that be?

The idiocy continues after the jump.

Update: This video has since been removed from You Tube for hate speech. It’s been up for over a week, so I’ll give the credit to the readers here for making this happen. Thanks, whoever you are!

This steaming, gooey, pile of dog dung infuriates me. According to these idiots, black women are “selling out to their enslavers.” Hmmm…

By a show of hands, how many of you are married, dating and/or copulating with white men 150 years old or older? Anyone? Anyone?

I guess it would be me being a sellout if I mentioned that 73% of black children are being ABANDONED by black men on a regular. OR, that only 43% of black men even bother to get married, oh! and 22% of the ones who do marry interracially. *puts pinky to lip like that guy from Austen Powers*

Well tie a rope and call me Coonisha, because it appears to me that the sellouts are not black women, so…

And now to Halle Berry. GUARDIANS OF ALL THINGS DARK & LOVELY, are you serious about using her as the latest example for why black women should continue to blindly be sperm receptacles and never, ever want or expect more for themselves? Halle Berry is a train wreck in clear need of a psychiatrist. She can use mine. He’s very good.

Let’s review the clustercuss that has, to date, been Halle Berry’s life:

–Wesley Snipes (BLACK) probably, most likely, as in, er’ry body knows, beat her so bad she lost her hearing in one ear.

–Her first husband, (BLACK) David Justice, cheated on her, and after three years, divorced. Here’s what she said in 1997: “For four years David was part of my life, every day, every hour. I do keep telling myself that this is one of life’s lessons, and as long as I can learn something from it, then all the pain will be worth it.”

Guess not, Halle!

— ‘Cuz you married Eric Benet (BLACK) who was even WORSE! You hitched yourself to a rabid sex addict and found all about it after you gushed about how GREAT Eric was when you won that Oscar:

(I cry every time! EVVVERRRRY time.)

Here’s what she said in 2002 when it was revealed Benet should be renamed Boo-tay: “You say, ‘I’m in this no matter what, through good times and bad times.’ We’re in this thing for the long haul.”


–And THEN, she tries the swirl with Gabriel. SHOCK! He’s a loser too (according to her). Guess what Halle? Your name is hereby changed to Dramisha.

So, GUARDIANS OF ALL THINGS DARK AND LOVELY (let’s call them GAT-DL, shall we?), what do you have to say about the DBR’s she dated and married BEFORE Gabriel? Hmmm? What’s that you say? Oh. Okay. Only black men are allowed to beat their women and call them out of their names *cough* Lil Wayne and all c-rappers *cough* So sorry.

Newsflash, GAT-DL, Halle Berry is the common denominator in all this chaos. She grew up without a father, and we all know how damaging that can be. What’s crazy is that you’re the same moron negroes who oppose No Wedding No Womb!

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