Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams: ‘I’ve Been Called a Bed Wench’

In a clip for her upcoming show premiering on OWN, Michelle’s Williams, formerly of Destiny’s Child, shares that people on social media have called her a “bed wench,” and that she is sullying her African bloodline by potentially procreating with a white man.

Maybe it’s me, but I’ve been called that so many times the term mean virtually nothing to me. Totally un-triggered. But for those who don’t circle the drain with hateful black folks on social media, the term is understandably jarring and hurtful.

I don’t know, but from my end, if being married to, loved and protected by a non-black man is “bed wenching,” I’ll take it!

This is me…bed wenching with benefits!

Here’s the “bed wenching” and a life well lived.

Will you be tuning into “Chad and Michelle” on OWN tomorrow?

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