Since We’re Discussing It…The Pot Calling the Kettle ONYX…

I normally wouldn’t do this, but I think this post is a perfect piggy back to Brenda55’s post about what this blog ever discusses black men. Interesting that a sorry, loser, bottom-feeding internet troll and stalker of mine has recently started nicknaming me “nappy head.” I find this hilarious, because not only is this man utterly disgusting to look at,  he is also black. With nappy hair. And these fools wonder why so many black women are throwing up deuces.

I have a question for all the GAT-DL folks who think that THIS space is a bunch of self-hating black women desperate for rainbeaus. Riddle me this: Anyone know any Asian men who call their women “chinks?” White men calling white women “crackers? Mexican men calling their women “wetbacks?” Arab men calling their women “sand n-words?” Please tell me, what race of men attack the physical qualities of the women who bear them like black men do. I’ll wait.

And please, my black male friends and enemies alike, save coming on this thread ‘talkin bout how much you LOVE black women with natural hair. Save it, because until you all act like MEN and defend the honor of your OWN women to these a-holes, there is nothing else to be said.

Some of you who have been around know who this man is. Please do not mention him by name or give him any links. He’s a desperate man looking for validation and attention. Don’t give it to him. I only mentioned him to illustrate a concrete example of how black men and the black community at large work to kill the souls of black women, with the sole purpose of making them feel like crap so they believe that they deserve to be used, exploited, and even have violence imposed upon them. THAT IS WHY THIS SPACE IS A DUMB-ASS-NEGRO-FREE-ZONE, heavily moderated to keep the roaches a bay.

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