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Do Conservative Men Like Black Women More?

As of late, we’ve seen the shemozzle over conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Judge Richard Cebull-donkey and other select arsehats put their bigotry on display on a world platform while outsiders wonder what flavor Kool Aid makes some folks in that party rabid racists. Sort of gives off an impression that black women should stay far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far (did I mention far?) away from them, doesn’t it? No chance for meaningful swirling going on there?

Not so fast.

It would be so simple if you could say, Democrats = not racist, Republicans = racist. And when it comes to swirling, that stereotype gets knocked down on its hindquarters when you see supa-dupa conservative dudes dating and mating with black women. Ain’t no “slave master’s mistress” stuff played out here–these men are courting, marrying, setting up house and having their offspring with these ladies (and statistically staying married the longest), so to do all that would be to take that fantasy a little far, don’t you think?

I chatted with Sean Alexander Gearhart, 23, a senior at the University of Baltimore majoring in business administration and marketing. Incidentally, he’s in the nascent first-few dates stage with a fellow BB&W member who reached out to him when he was featured as a “Hottie of the Week.” He told me about a instance when an African American co-worker of his whom he was interested saw a bumper sticker on his car endorsing Bob Ehrlich, she squealed in horror, “YOU’RE A REPUBLICAN?!”

Sean Alexander posing with republican gubernatorial candidate, Bob Ehrlich

“There’s an impression that conservatives are religious and racist. I’m a fiscal conservative, but when it comes to social issues, I can’t stand what republicans are doing right now.” He has a strong distaste for Rick Santorum, because “he injects “God’s law” above everybody else’s law, and it’s not cool. It’s absolutely frustrating.” So when Barack Obama was elected, he balked and rung his hands, but not for the color of his skin, but the content of his polices. Alexander just wasn’t down with the whole spending/borrowing/hocking solution to get out of the recession.

Millicent Hunter, who is an equal opportunity dater, says that all of her rainbeau boyfriends have been conservative and they have all approached her. “Before they are conservative or liberal, they are men.”

millicent in front of capital

Millicent Hunter, a conservative woman who has primarily dated conservative white men

But while Sean doesn’t attach his conservatism to religion, Shaun Brown is as conservative and as Christian as they come. He plans to propose his girlfriend, Victoria Lee, this year. He first met her in middle school “I was a redneck kid” in a suburb in Richmond Virginia (the capital of the Confederacy, fyi), but the idea of swirling during in as recent history as the 90’s held too much of a social stigma for the both of them. Years later, they reconnected on Facebook and things took off. Ironically, Shaun’s family (based in Tennessee) was more welcoming, while Victoria’s father “has heartburn about the idea that his daughter is dating a white man.” Shaun is pretty traditional and what’s the formally ask Victoria’s father’s hand in marriage, which worries him a bit.

Shaun Brown and his soon-to-be fiance, Victoria Lee

Shaun Brown and his soon-to-be fiance, Victoria Lee.

“I’m conservative all the way. Most of my friends are conservative. Most of her friends are liberal.” They both have shared religious values and attend her church–which is primarily African American– together.

So what’s the take away? Black women who are interested in interracial and/or intercultural relationships shouldn’t skip the possibility of love just because a guy puts “Fox News” as their favorite television past time. Speaking of Fox did you know Tamera Mowry’s hubster is a Fox News correspondent. (Thanks for letting me know about that one, Landline00!)

Tamera Mowrey and husband, Adam Housley

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