Dolce and Gabbana 2013–Racist or Overblown?

Dolce and Gabbana garnered some criticism and public outcry for this beautiful collection. As a black woman I do not find this collection racist, but a celebration of the history of the isle of Sicily and the diversity of beauty.

What people don’t know about Sicily is that it was once an island of diversity. People from North and West Africa once made it their home along with the Spaniards, Greeks, Nords, Normans, and Italians. The island, I once called my home was never racist. In fact it celebrated a particular folklore about the island once being half black.

It is a celebration of medieval times, and let’s be honest this is what Africans looked like then and in some parts of Africa, still do. Sh*t I still wear head wraps, they ARE quite fashionable these days you know?..

This collection is not a collection of insensitive racists or sycophants, but instead a collection of two men very proud of their heritage. Sometimes we need to stop having this knee jerk reaction to everything we deem racist and see it for what it is.. art.

P.S. did you peep the interracial relationship going on with the black woman and soldier? jussayin…



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