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Dwayne Johnson Is “People’s Sexiest Man of the Year” and Some Swirler Aren’t Celebrating.

Yesterday I posted the announcements that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been selected as People Magazine’sSexiest Man of the Year.” Johnson, 44, is also the highest paid actor right now. And since he’s an amazing hunk of hotness, I was all like, “WHOOO HOOO! HEEEEEYYYYY DWAAAAAAYYYNE!” Not only does he have the bone structure of a Polynesian god and teeth I would suck spinach out of, he’s a cool mix of black and Samoan, with a little Irish in there somewhere. He’s funny, charming, and seems to not take himself too seriously. So why was I chastised for giving him a shoutout?

A commenter said, “He doesn’t date black women so why are black women rejoicing for him?”

I said: “So…we can only go ga ga from men who date black women? Really?”

Another woman said, “If we are smart we would.”

I said, “So…we’re supposed to fight over the only non-black men who obviously swirl? Why would we do that?”

And that’s a serious question. Black women aren’t allowed to admire the sexiness of sexy, mixed race men unless and ONLY if they have a record of dating, bedding, or wedding black women? I believe this mentality is coming from black women who have taken the “If you don’t support us we won’t support you!” a little too far. No man or woman of any race OWES black women dating them. I mean, are these people serious? If we adhered to that preposterous notion we’d all be fighting over the same 20 celebrities who have been romantically attached to black women, because those are the “only” men we’re supposed to set our vibrators to.

A few years back everyone was going crazy over Michael Fassenberger because he’s been known to date black women on the regular. Was I supposed to think he was hot too? I mean, he’s okay, but his teeth reminds me of the hungry sharks in Finding Nemo.

If Dwayne Johnson doesn’t date or marry black women, so what? I don’t hear him out here calling black women beasties, hoes, THOTS, and trap queens. Someone said he voted for Trump, but so what? So have a lot of people…apparently. We as black women need to stop the common practice of trying to control the individual likes and dislikes of others. We’re not the Borg.

Oh…and relax and chill–last time I checked I was allowed to fantasize about boinking any and every celebrity I damn well please.


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