Color U Bold: The Easiest Trick to Contouring and Highlighting


I love to try different techniques that can simplify my beauty routine! Highlighting and contouring will never go out of style especially as long as the Kardashion clan is here! However I’ve learned a few lazy girl tricks to defining my face without feeling like a ton of makeup is on!   All you  need is your foundation, your favorite concealer, translucent powder or one with a tad bit of color,  your regular foundation powder and one of my favorite tricks for defining…a makeup wedge applicator! Yep put that foundation brush to the side and get you a wedge!


Step 1: Apply your foundation as normal. I use a wedge for an even look where  I can get in every corner of the face…plus its cleaner than your brushes! Its a lot quicker and you’ll find that you don’t need a lot of foundation to create a flawless look. Remember apply foundation in  downward strokes.

Step 2: Apply concealer where you normal highlight. That will be underneath your eyes in a triangle motion blending out to the temples, the forehead also in a triangle shape, bridge of the nose, underneath the hollows of your cheeks, and chin. I like to make the lines strong especially under the hollows of the cheeks for a more sculpted look. Afterwards blend everything out.

Step 3: Take your regular foundation powder and act as though you are contouring and shade in the areas that are not highlighted. Blend any harsh lines left by the concealer. This creates a more of a naturally sculpted face.

Step 4: Contour with your foundation powder the sides of your nose right next to your highlight. Use a small crease brush for this area.

Step 5: With translucent or setting powder with a tad bit of color set your highlight. You can bake your concealer if you please, but, as a lazy girl I like simple. I dust on the powder and make sure everything is off leaving no patches.

Step 6: Next step strobing! Take your favorite highlight and highlight the cheekbones. I like natural highlighters close to my skin tone such as a rose gold color.

Step 7: Highlight Nose. Accentuate the tip of the nose a little more for a narrow affect to the nose.

Step 8: Highlight the cupid’s bow.

Step 9: Highlight the forehead.

Step 10: Make sure everything is blended out and do the rest of your makeup!

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