Easter 2012: Only Seven Minutes Late to Church, Almost Turned Away!

Why do people (me included) break their necks to get to church on holidays? I mean, with You Tube, why not make the experience virtual? BHAH!! We go to to a church with 2,500 seats, and they’re nearly all filled, and we were only seven minutes late! One thing to know–even when they tell you there’s no more seats, there’s always more seats. We got seated in the front row, reserved for the handicapped. People in wheelchairs have their own seats anyway.

In other news, The Hubster took this pic of me and Maxi Me when we were chatting it up. It startled the both of us.

I told her she’d better take a GOOD look, because that’s what she’s going to look like when she’s an old lady.


Happy Easter!


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