Embracing Light Skin, Multiracials, and Strands of a Different Coil: The Future For Our Future Sons and Daughters

Remember how H.G. Wells described how everyone would be brown-skinned with dark hair in his mandatory-high-school read, “Time Machine?”

He’s not wrong.

As the mother of three children of African American, German, Irish and Polish decent, I have a lot of work to do. I have to teach my kids about Harriett Tubman and Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther (the King and the Protestant), explain to them why Hitler was such an ass, and find out what the heck a “slav” is and ascertain once and for all, whether our last name is Polish or Russian.

My kids are more than “black” and “white.” They are  fusion children, and  the world is beginning to look more like them. As swirlers with ovaries, we simply have to get used to this idea, because “the rise of the biracials” has everything to do with us.

That’s why the whole, dark girls against Lolo Jones news stories made me cringe and gave me pause. Honestly, as a dark-skinned woman, it was very hard to see how Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells–both of whom won medals while Jones didn’t–were snubbed by the main stream media clearly because, well, she’s a beautiful (light skinned) woman, and the sexiest 30-year-old virgin I’ve EVER seen. The media didn’t mask their favoritism–it was embarrassingly obvious, and spoke to the very real reality that, Hollywood still favors the European style of beauty (just with a tan).

Whatever which way you feel about it though, the truth is that if you swirl and make babies, you’ll probably be birthing children who look more like Lolo than Kellie or Dawn.

That’s why I was really interested when I learned about Eli Steele’s documentary, New Americans: Rise of the Multiracials.

I’m proud and honored that Eli has asked me and my family to participate in the documentary. After all, these “New Americans” were borne from my black womb.

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