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EMERGENCY POST!! Black Women Apologize to Black Men…For What?!

Lawdy get ready for some typos because I’m about to blow my top right now. I’m reading Madame Noire (actually, just looking for the articles I write so I can tweet them) and I come across a new entry in which another columnist proposes that to “heal” the black community we must apologize to all black men for…everything.

Yes; she ACTUALLY puts this forth as a solution.

DISCLAIMER: I am not for pointing fingers at one particular gender for the ills of an entire race. I won’t do it. Even with my work with No Wedding No Womb, I CLEARLY state that both sexes have to take responsibility for the 73 percent out-of-wedlock rate in the African American community. It takes a black woman AND a black man to make a black child, so it lends to reason that both sexes hold some culpability in the cluster-cuss that is the black community today.

HOWEVER, C O M M A, apologizing puts FULL culpability on one group–black women, soley and completely. If one is wrong, the other is right by default, and therefore you (the hat-in-hand group) have to make reparations for the wrong that is done to said wronged party. What OP, would you suggest we do to fulfill such reparations? Support unemployed men with no job prospects? Bear their children with no expectation for marriage? Share them with others without complaint? Not report illegal activity so to not put another ‘brutha’ in jail?

Oh, wait…

TONS of black women ALREADY do that!!!

I am sick to kingdom come of mammy-type women BETRAYING (yes, that’s a strong word and I use it correctly) their own gender to garner favor and a pat on the head while throwing the rest of us under the bus to be potentially abused, because well…it’s our fault. I WILL NOT teach my daughters to simp, whine, cry or beg someone(s) to love them. I WILL NOT teach my daughters that they hold responsibility for a situation they did not create no had any power over. I WILL teach my daughters to stay as far away from women who think like this like they have the Black Plague, herpes, and halitosis. You WILL NOT be putting your mammy cooties on my progeny. I can only hope this apologist mentality will die with you.

This is the epitome of weak. “Mat, meet Door. Oh. I see you’ve already know each other.”

And just because, blogger, you SAY that that piece isn’t another way to tell black women they are doing everything wrong, doesn’t mean you aren’t IMPLYING it, by way of a not-so-cleverly-veiled question and statement.

I don’t agree with everything she says… but I do believe the gesture is symbolic of the type of attitude that’s necessary to mend the gap between black men and women. Are we the only ones to blame for the breakdown of black love? No. Have we had a part in it? Yes. Do we need to apologize for it? Maybe.




Because, after all, all men come from “womb”en? so it’s always our fault.


Lawd geezus where’s my vodka?! I tell ya what: Someone need to apologize to me for making my eyes bleed reading that orginal post.

NEWSFLASH! Black women apologize for crap they didn’t do every dang-on day! What planet are you on?! Are you out of your Vulcan mind?!?!

How about this for a “symbolic gesture?” All the black women who believe they need to apologize to black men for shite they didn’t do, world hunger, Eve tempting Adam, global warming, the budget crisis and moon spots, GO AHEAD.

The rest of us will quietly (or not so quietly) DISENGAGE from that nonsense/blame/shame and let you and all the men you apologize have each other. That way, you can build upon “black love.”

Problem solved?

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