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Entertainment: “The Help” Takes it Away and Sag Awards, Exclusive Interview with Deena Jacobs

I’m not thinking this is really a great thing, ya’ll. Is it just me being paranoid (again) or does it seem like every movie centered around the bad ‘ol days when black women were at the beck and call of pampered white women gets a big standing O? Think Hattie whats-her-name from Gone With The Wind.

Look, I’m all for black women getting lots of work in Hollywood, and Viola Davis looked a vision. She was A+++ in her classiness, her bod was all sinuey and glossy…she was gorgeous. At that moment, she represented US really well. I’m really proud of her accomplishments.

So when I make this critique, this isn’t about Viola–this is about the media machine that insists on stuffing black women into the mammy/bitch/jezabel box, because it’s just more comfortable for folks to think like that, and changing impressions is feels too much like work, and frankly, too much like right.

I didn’t see The Help. Wanna know why? Not really interested in seeing walking talking stereotypes–it just doesn’t do it for me. I did buy the book at the kiddo’s book fair at school (the had an adult section, and it was right there…like donuts or something. How could I resist?) I haven’t read it yet, though. It’s in a place I call Book Mountain, nestled in the corner of my office-slash-bedroom.

So, how does Deena Jacobs fit into this?

Speaking of actresses volunteering to be stereotypes, guess who I met for the first time yesterday? Deena Jacobs. Yep. That Deena Jacobs…the one who went on the Dr. Drew show and got felt up by Cray Cray Bro. We hooked up yesterday at South Coast Winery because I just had to know if cartoon Deena was real Deena.

Check her out:

This is actually pretty funny to me. You know what else is funny? This chick is not even close to how she seems on television and You Tube. This made me a bit curious about why the cuss she’s volunteering herself to cast as Jezzie.

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