Exciting Announcement: Dani Joins Click, Date, Love!

Ladies, have you struggled with online dating? Do you feel some sites are better than others? Do you find the pool of men to be lacking? Have you given up on it all together?

If so, millions of women are like us. BUT, according to digital dating expert Laurie Davis of eFlirt, many women approach online dating from a shopping lens, which is entirely wrong. In her words, “You’re looking for a man, not a shiny new dress.”


Her new master class, Click, Date, Love: Transforming the Way You Approach Love Online, promises to reform this “shopping” mentality by helping participants understand needs versus wants. Other topics explored over the eight week course include how to balance dating multiple people (which is a necessity in online dating), appropriately using technology to interact outside of dates and staying upbeat when dating isn’t going as expected.

I am pleased to share that I will be participating in this class and sharing my experiences with the BB&W community! Over the past few years, I’ve had my run-ins with online dating and only find it valuable in very short bursts of time. My philosophy is join a site, get a bunch of messages early on, leverage those into a handful of dates, then leave before the site overstays its welcome (and my sanity). It seems luck oriented more than anything else. But, maybe there’s something I’m missing.

So I’m happy to participate and allow BB&W to follow my journey. I’ll also be opening an online dating account in order to apply what I learn. So many of us have discussed poor online dating experiences that perhaps this course will help us experience success. I’m looking forward to sharing insights with everyone here!


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