Does Your Face Look Good Naked? Three Natural Products that Should Be On Your Skincare Radar

Just finished an all-natural facial. This photo is untouched and unedited. As you can see, I’m kinda sleepy. This is right before my bedtime.

Photo on 6-3-14 at 10.17 PM

That’s my skin after an all-natural beauty routine that helps keep my skin bright, evenly toned, and appear almost pore less. At almost 41, I’m committed to looking my best self through taking care of my skin, inside and out. That means healthy eating, exercise, and quality products.

Once a week after I cleanse, I use a made-for-home facial steamer, which helps open my pores for deeper cleaning and allows the treatment products to penetrate. This is why professionals always use steam during facials.

I’ve stopped getting professional facials at the spa because I simply could not justify the high costs of treatments when I can purchase the same products and instruments and do it myself for a fraction of the cost.

With the average facial costing me about $150, I decided that purchasing a home steamer was a much more cost effective choice. Steam is a natural conduit to detoxify and cleanse the skin it also allows for easier extraction of black heads and white heads. The up-front cost for the Rejuvamist steamer is a little more than $100, but I’m now able to afford a professional-style facial once a week instead of once every other month.


How I use the steamer: After I wash my face and while it is still wet, I go under the steamer for a few minutes until my skin feels warm, moist and pliable. Then I apply an exfoliating product. One of my favorites is the Eminence Organics Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel and the Radish Seed Refining Peel. I was introduced to both these products while getting a facial at exclusive spas in Southern California. Both of these formulas are 100% organic, using natural ingredients to gently exfoliate my skin and prevent acne, which I still get if I don’t constantly slough off dead skin.





And finally, I sealed in the moisture and added some antioxidants and essential fatty acids to my skin with Sibu Sea Buckthorn Oil. This product has been widely reviewed. Just take a look at the raves on Makeup Alley. Women suffering from acne are swearing by it. The oil moisturizes without feeling greasy, and it feels as if it penetrates the skin rather than just laying on top.


All in all, for a little more upfront than the average cost of a facial at a spa, I’m able to give myself facials once a week. As you can see, my signs of aging are minimal.

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