“Fair & White?” Proof that Some Cosmetics Companies Just Don’t “Get” Black Women

Because this blog is popular, I get a lot of pitches from various companies to hock this and that, and I’ll bet some of you think I just accept any old thing as long as it’s free.

Nuh uh. I turn down A LOT of people.

For instance, a publicist sent me a pitch for a line of skin care products and offered to send me review samples. While the formulations were intriguing, I just couldn’t get past the name and the marketing.

So White

Are they serious??

And yet another…

This is just too unbelievable. They ACTUALLY make sales with this marketing? “Hey darkies! Use our products so you can be FAIR AND WHITE, as opposed to DARK and UGLY!” What marketing director sat in their corner office and gave the go-ahead for this?

News flash skin-care makers: Black women DO NOT WANT to be told that the only way to beauty is by being “fair and white.” We have fought hundreds of years of oppression and colorism in order to embrace our unique beauty, and for you to suggest otherwise is not only offensive, it’s just plain stupid. The African American spending power in the U.S. will reach $1.1 TRILLION by 2015, and guess who’s gonna spend a big chunk of that money on makeup, hair, and beauty? You got it. BLACK WOMEN. It would serve manufacturers to do their research before they throw this steaming horse pucky our way. This ain’t the 1950’s, and even white folks don’t wanna be “fair and white” anymore, as evidenced by the wall-to-wall spray on tan products I see crowded the shelves to the local drug store.

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