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Fall 2018 Beauty Must Haves to Keep You Glowing and Gorgeous

I recently attended Beautycon in Los Angeles, a mecca for skin care and makeup fanatics. I was absolutely floored at the vastness of Korean skin care and healthy skin and health products I discovered. It’s been a weeks now since I’ve had time to try the products below over time. My skin has NEVER looked so healthy! Check out the roundup of my favs.

All Day Moisty

Now here’s one you don’t find every day in a regular beauty store. With the unique blend of Hyaluronic acid, jojoba ester, and extracts from apricot seeds, cordyceps, ginseng, and a few other fabulous plants, Koelcia succeeds at creating an amazing formula with two fabulous effects; suppressing wrinkles and moisturizing the skin. The effect is immediate. It gives an amazing result; glowed skin which stays moisturized all day long. It’s great for anyone struggling with dry skin and wrinkles.

Price: $34.90

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum EX 

Starting with the perfumed scent to its glowing effect, Sulwhasoo’s new formulated First Care Activating serum is an attention catcher that has this soothing effect if you’ve got a sensitive skin. Sulwhasoo’s serum has got Ophiopogon japonicus root extract which has a rich content of saccharides that keeps the skin hydrated for long by retaining the body’s moisture to prevent dryness, with citrus unshiu peel extract that brightens your skin and gives it a dazzling glow, along with other fantastic extracts. This lightweight serum works really good to keep the skin totally hydrated, soft, plumped, and smooth. 

Price: $84.00

Cacao Moist and Mild Serum 

For a healthier and glowing skin, Cacao moist and mild serum is just the special formula what you need. It glides smoothly over your skin and quickly hydrates it to leave a radiant glow afterward It’s gentle and doesn’t irritate the skin and it’s absolutely good for all skin types. The natural oil extracted from the Theobroma cacao seeds is rich in omega-6 fatty acid that has soothing effects. You would love the fact that it also suppresses redness. It contains rosemary extracts also which is an excellent natural disinfectant for the skin that ensures a healthier and smoother skin. You will love yourself more for adding this into your skincare routine.

Price: $17.00

Sphynx 3 in 1 Portable Razor 

It’s not just any regular razor! It’s a fantastic three in one portable razor that moisturizes the skin and gives it a clean shave. No bruises, no cuts, just a smooth shave. I had my doubts of a totally clear shave at first but they didn’t last a minute after the first shave with it. It’s completely awesome. What’s more is that you could use it any time and just about anywhere!

Price: $15.00

Lime Coke Cleansing Oil 

Ever wished you had a good makeup remover that could neatly remove your spent makeups, oil, and impurities without a drying effect? If yes, then Lime Coke Cleansing oil from KOELCIA is exactly what you need. I was first attracted to it when I noticed it was made from lime extracts which are rich in vitamin C and woodwort extracts which is a superior antioxidant with an excellent soothing effect. It’s simply amazing.

Price: $13.00

URANG True Rose Repair Essence

It’s amazing to see what Ohlolly could do with rose essential flower oil. Formulated especially for your dry and dull skin, Urang True Rose Repair Essence nourishes the skin into a moisturized and graceful skin. It comes packed filled with vitamin A and vitamin C to effectively combat inflammation and aacne and that’s not all. It also has a rich aloe vera and olive content to soothe the skin and protect it. I so love this one.

Price: $47.00

Skinfix Facial Exfoliating Pads

Ever wished for an excellent exfoliating pad to keep you on the go when you’ve tight schedule? Well, here’s one with a high recommendation from dermatologists. You can simply wipe the large pad across your face to keep you on the go whenever you’re so much in a hurry to use a serum or facemask, and that will do for the day. Skinfix facial exfoliating pad is an award-winning product that offers you a faster and easier way to keep your skin clean and revitalized. It’s soaked with glycolic acid that softens and smoothens the skin, lactic acid that exfoliates, and salicylic that gives the skin a radiant finish. The special pads will pick up dirt and spent cells from your skin, smoothen, and leave your face with a mild glow. And of course, the pads could also be used over other parts of the body. It’s just great.

Price: $30.00

OMG 2 in 1 Kit 

This facial mask is truly OMG! You could feel the effects in just one trial. My face felt fresh and light after I rinsed off the serum from the first mask which had cleansing and detoxifying effects. Using the second mask brought a totally new feel to my face. Having a long battle with dry skin? OMG 2 in 1 kit has a good amount of glycerin, famed for its superior moisturizing and hydrating effects. It will send in essential nutrients and hydrolyzed collagens deep into your face to keep your skin moisturized and give it a lovely look. I just love it.

Price: $6.00

Mamonde Lab Essence Mask Camellia 

This turns out to be one of my favorite face masks. Its serum will get readily absorbed with only a very little serum left on your face. Wear it overnight and wake up to see its amazing effects. Your face will be lightened up with a radiant glow and nourished with the goodness of camellia extracts before morning. Camellia extracts are well known for their super anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties. And as a plus, this facial mask has a lovely fragrance for your face.

Price: $7.00

Camille Rose Natural Honey Hydrate 

Looking for a brilliant hair conditioner with super moisturizing formula? Look no further. Camille Rose Naturals honey conditioners are totally awesome. It contains honey which is a natural softener; aloe leaf extracts which are rich in essential fatty acids, and olive fruit extracts which has got great antioxidants, all to nourish and give your hair a superb finish. You could use all three which helps to leave hair nourished, hydrated, and protected from elements.

Price: $42.00

JOAH Selfie Ready Matte Setting Spray 

I think fabulous is the just the matching word. They are new but they’ve got it all right. You have to trust me on this one. Joah matte settling spray is the next big thing in the makeup industry. They come stocked with essential ingredients like rose extracts which is a great antiseptic though very mild on the skin; trehalose which has excellent rehydrating and water binding properties, and lots more. The weightless spray helps to prevent makeup meltdown, control oil and then keep your makeup in place for up to16 hours.  Price: $7.99

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EDEN BodyWorks Hibiscus Honey Hair Tonic 

With hibiscus extract which is rich in vitamin C and anthocyans, and honey which is a powerful oxidant, EDEN Body made this amazing Hibiscus Honey Hair Tonic to give your hair gets an all new and attractive look. It’s so natural and has a pleasant fragrance that can make your hair scent real nice. It’s a one of a kind hair tonic and your hair is going to thank you for it. You’re going to love it, trust me on this one.

Price: $8.99

Becca Cosmetics Hydra-Mist Refreshing Powder 

Hydra-Mist Refreshing Powder by Becca Cosmetics is a cooling powder that hydrates the skin and at the same time helps to extend your makeup. The shades are great, and the toning is even although it seems to leave a slight dark finish. Its high glycerin content gives it a superb moisturizing effect to treat and prevent rough, itchy, and dry irritations. Becca cosmetics hydra-mist refreshing powder also comes with a brush that helps you apply the powder evenly over your skin.

Price: $38.00

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Follow Christelyn on Instagram and Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. And if you want to be a little more about this online dating thing, InterracialDatingCentral is the official dating site for this blog.