Black Women's Improvement Project (BWIP)

Fantasia, Grow Some Brains, Chile!

Fantasia is living up to her name, BIG TIME. She just announced amidst a crowd of housing-project dwellers that she indeed was pregnant. This is just a WILD guess but I bet you it’s the seed of that dude who she nearly killed herself for 10 months ago.

Madame Noire and Clutch are all, “Congratulations, Fanny!” What exactly, are they congratulating? Her getting knocked up by a married man? Her continued mental illness that MUST have contributed to her thinking it was a good idea to procreate in the first place, or the whole, tired, cliche’ “all children are a blessing” bit. Because seriously, BABIES DO NOT ARRIVE FROM THE STORK!!

She says, she shares this news with the project girls because “she can relate to them.” Hood-boogers of the world unite! I guess you can take the girl out of the projects but she’ll come back when she’s knocked up by a married man because they’ll be 50-11 women in the same position who won’t give you any sh!t for it.

Wake up, wimmins!!! “Vet” means more than a doctor who gets rid of fleas and heartworms, dearies.

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