Five Fashionable Things We Can Learn From Mad Men

As we all know, Scandal is one of my many addictions as far as TV is concerned, but what you may not know is that Mad Men is my other obsession. The style, the artistic filming, that sexy beautiful asshole Mr. Draper… need I say more?


With the advent of the fifth season of the show, I decided to bring the style to life for you ladies. I know that they aren’t black women, but we can definitely learn from the style of the women from that show. I have put together five things that we can all take away from Mad Men.


Mini Satchel Bags


Every girl has that large bag that she throws everything into and often finds herself rummaging through all the way to the bottom where she finds herself being sucked into the black hole that is her over-sized bag. Don’t lie, you know you’ve been there. Well, this late 50s – 60s take on handbags is the answer to your prayers. It is small and fashionable and big enough to hold only your bare and I do mean BARE necessities.



Mad Men Style--Mini Handbags

Kitten Heels Can Be Sexy Too


After centuries it seems of the hooker/stripper heel trend, kitten heels are making a comeback. And what a welcome comeback they are. The ladies of the 50s and 60s made this demure little heel look ultra sexy. Take a cue from the ladies of Mad Men and go kitten. I mean who needs to be a full fledged cat when you can get what you want by being a saucy kitten?



Mad Men Style-- Kitten Heel

Form Fitting Dresses


Who needs to show it ALL.. The sexy is in the cover up. And the women of the 50s and 60s understood this. Instead, they left everything to the imagination, yet still gave you a peak. Into their curves that is. With these curves, I am not sure why there weren’t a lot of car accidents. Be a bombshell and show off your curves. Go form fitting. P.S. great shape wear is a plus! 🙂



Mad Men Style-- Form Fitting Dresses


A-Line Dresses


This style of dress is very figure flattering no matter your shape or size. A great push up bra is all that is needed and you can either dress it up or down, wear it to cocktails, work, or a picnic. It is a very feminine and frilly way to show off your style.



Mad Men Style-- A-line Dresses

Va Va Voom Lipstick


Yes, I know. Nude lips have the IT style since the 90s but isn’t it time to mix it up? Bright lipstick is a great way to be heard. Especially, you single ladies. Studies have shown that men equate bright lipstick with intelligence and they are ĂĽber attracted to it. So get over your fears and try a little color on your lips.

Mad Men Style- Va Va Voom Lipstick
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