What the Cuss?

First Jesse and Al, Now the NAACP. And They Call Rainbeau Daters Sell Outs?! GTFOOH!

First let me say that my sainted father was a lifelong member of the NAACP, back when the acronym stood for The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. But now that day by day, and year by year, the NAACP’s new acronym seems to stand for the National Association for the Advancement of Convicts and Pedophiles, I think, no…I KNOW he would have said some variation of, “What the Cuss?!”

What the cuss, indeed. I just caught the fart-filled wind that the NAACP plans to give “acheivement” awards to Jay Z and Nicki Minaj, BOTH of whom use the n-word, bitch, ho, and other demeaning terms to refer to black women. Welp. I guess four years after they decided to bury the word, “nigger” or the hip-hop approved variant, “nigga,” they changed their mind and and dug it up, dust it off, and condone and even congratulate those who use it.

NAACP, you are now on my sh$&-list of pandering hypocrites, right next to Al and Jesse. What more proof do you need that we’re doomed? Our standards to which we hold black people have become so low as to be completely meaningless. Boys with no dads travelling like wolf packs, people blaming an 11-year-old for her own gang rape, and then THIS! A once-respected organization pandering to keep themselves relevant.

I have to admit I now I hold my head in shame for not only buying this tape back when I was temporarily insane.

Now for Nicki Minaj. Really, NAACP? This was the best you could do? Way to pick someone who perpetrates all the negative stereotypes that black and whites have of black women.

Ms. Ho-who-didn’t-know-her-place Minaj is a beakon of refinement and beauty of black women?

Do you know what the NAACP should do? How about they give acheivement awards to black families who work together as lifelong partners and raise children that they are financially, emotionally and physically able to care for. With the way things are going, they’ll only need to give out a few hundred eventually, right?

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