Married Swirling

May the Force Be With You! George Lucas Marries Mellody Hobson!

Lots of swirling news going on today, with news of George Lucas giving the ring and signing the papers to marry Mellody Hobson. They look amazing together, and I love how brief the time was between him popping the question and the walk down the aisle. An observation that seems to be supported by recent reports: powerful and accomplished people STILL value marriage, and they are merging their power and influence on a greater, more concentrated level.

Just a few facts about how married people are better off:

“According to the Census Bureau, in 2010 the median net worth for a married couple between the ages of 55 and 64 was $261,405. That compares to $71,428 for a man heading a household, and $39,043 for a woman heading a household.”


And there good news for educated black women…they marry waaaay quicker than their undereducated counterparts.

“African-American women are less likely to marry than white women overall, but educated black women are considerably more likely to marry than their less-educated counterparts. As of 2008, 70 percent of African-American female college graduates had married, compared with 60 percent of high school graduates and just 53 percent of high school dropouts.”


I suspect that many of these educated black women are marrying interracially, because, well…educated black men aren’t beating down doors to marry their racial and intellectual equals. Yes, some do. But…most don’t.

Things have come full circle, and as usual the poor people get the shaft. Pointy-headed, ivory-towered liberals who spoke about the irrelevance of marriage finally got huge swaths of poor scmucks to believe that pile of bull, while they keep marrying and building up wealth and throw pennies at poor baby mamas and their fatherless children from their Saabs.

And while Twitter and anonymous hipsters keep trying with all their might to INSIST marriage isn’t important, that’s it’s oppressive, yadda yadda, power couples like George and Mellody gain their corner of power. How much do you wanna bet that these same folks will protest on Capital Hill about the disparity between married people and the poor. They’ll insist married couples be heavily taxed so that their quality of life will mirror theirs. Don’t laugh. You know stranger things have happened.

Anyway, congrats George and Mellody!


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