What the Cuss?

Fourth of July: What’s Wrong with Being a Proud American?

So I went to all the major online black publications this morning, and SURPRISE! Nothing, absolutely NO-THING about Independence Day–the birthday of our nation. Black Voices, Ebony, Essence, and yeah…even Madame Noire didn’t have one token article about The Fourth. Well, I take that back. Black Voices had some article about how not to dress tacky on the holiday, should that count? Meh.

What is wrong, black people? You can’t be happy you to be an American and still be “down?” Is loving America mean you’re a Republican, or worse, a Tea Party-clan? You can’t have gratitude that you don’t live in some war-torn, third-world country where your women can be raped, kidnapped and burned to death at 12-years-old and nobody will look sideways?

We live in a country that you’re free to say you hate it without getting your tongue cut out of your head. Our POOREST people live like kings compared to poor folks in Sudan, China, Honduras, you name it. They’re the fattest too. Not too many people starving to death in the streets in America.

But not one, single story? Not one? Our country isn’t perfect, but I’d take it over any other country in the world.

God bless America. You ingrates can move back to wherever you came from if you hate it here so much. More for me.

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