Fox Nation Breaks ‘News’ of Possible Obama Baby-Mama

According to Washington Post blog “In the Loop,” President Obama may have dropped the ultimate bombshell on the American people while speaking at a Chicago fundraiser. As Obama discussed equal pay for all workers, he was quoted as saying, “…we’re going to have equal pay for work because I want my daughters treated the same way as my sons.”

The imaginative people over at Fox Nation immediately turned this into a “story,” breaking the news of Obama’s bastard sons. Oh, what would we do without good ole’ Fox News and their group of tabloid journalists disguised as real reporters? Don’t they know his baby-mama would have exposed him long before he received the Democratic nomination.

So, my mind ponders: does the President want more children? Or even better—is the First Lady already pregnant?

Who would be the bigger star: Barack Jr. or Blue Ivy?

UPDATE: FoxNation.com has removed the “story” about Obama’s sons.

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