Friday Funny: It’s the Last Day of School, and This Might Be My Last Post.

Because I may fling myself off the roof because I need to finish three more chapters while taking kids to camp, the pool, the museum, keeping The Babster from running out of the front door, answering endless questions from The Boy about cars, and saws and how soon he can have candy after breakfast, and managing Clo Clo’s social calender chock-full of play dates.

All the while, I’m looking imploringly at Maxi-Me, and returns the gaze with daggers. She’s got that, “don’t look at me to save you, I told you not to have so many kids, and I’m 13 and I have a life too!”– look.

Yet, the pretty eggplant purple and the all-black cartoon girl pecking away on her laptop on this blog draws me like termites to wood, groupies to Lil Wayne, crack to hoes.

So….. never mind. I’ll work you in.

And with that, I’ll leave you to ponder upon the reasons why someone would spend all day doing a video like this. Although hilarious, GAWD…I wish I had that kinda free time.

Happy Memorial Day, and be back same time tomorrow.


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