Friday Funny: Let’s play, Find an Excuse NOT to Date a Rainbow Man!

Hey writers! Is it just me, or do you ever look at stuff you wrote a while ago and been like, did I really write that?! That cuss is funny!

So, I’m plagiarizing and bootlegging my own comment for today’s FF. I can’t believe folks are still beating on this poor horse corpse–it’s gotta be a smelly mess by now–but commentary on the Ochocinco (Spanish for, “I’m a douche”) on Clutch magazine STILL has some dead-body farts in it.

It's a little known fact that black people who date interracially HATE Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles. No; it's true. I read it on the innanets.

It seemed like so long ago and I’ve probably written about 324,209,678 words since. I revisited my comment again just now in response to a chick who basically called all interracial daters self-hating, banjo-dancing DELIBERATE DISLIKERS OF chicken, waffles, and watermelon, and was wondering WHO this funny broad was. ‘She’ is, me:

Why is it that when someone who is realistic about the prospects of dating interracially, we have this knee-jerk reaction and assume “interracially” is code for white? (not that I have a problem with that) Are the only races in existence black and white? Umm….no. But hey! Let’s go through a list of other races and see what we can find what’s wrong with them so we can AGAIN make another excuse to not have women exercise their options to increase their chances for love and happiness:

INDIAN: Nah, they worship cows. Black folks like to eats ribs.
MEXICAN: Are you kidding? They’re taking all our jobs!
ASIAN: They own too many black beauty salons. Plus, ALL of them are rude.
ITALIAN: (as in, from Italy) They are entirely too adoring of dark skinned women–that’s just weird.
SWEDISH (as in Sweden): Did you know they treat the black women they marry like trophies? Pfffft!
NATIVE AMERICAN: Ah hell naw, they drink too much, and they’re hair is prettier than my weave. I’m not having that!

I could go on, but then I would have to tap WAY into my inner Archy Bunker.

Just thought I’d help you generalize…



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