Friday Funny: My New Plan for Anger Management (PG-13)

It seems that the recent full moon has had me in quite a mood as of late.

Earlier this week, easy-going little old me spewed green vomit and a grew a very flexible vertebrae that allowed me to turn my head 360 degrees. Justified or not, I simply MUST get a hold of my anger online when folks miff me. So, I’m going to try out a few new things to harness myself from jumping through the computer screen and hurting my Mac, which I love like a stepchild.


Count to ten, first in English, then Spanish, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, German, Farsi, and those multiple African languages that use clicks.


I’ll just block it out. Whenever I see a comment that irks me, I’ll just sing this little diddy over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over in my head:

Watch more funny movies.

Studies show that if you watch a funny movie that makes you laugh, you get those feel-good endorphins for at least 45 minutes after. I’m thinking of keeping this on a loop:

and this:

Smelling Salts

Of course, one of the children will have to give this to me after I pass out.

We’re working on a drill. She may look young, but Emma’s quite advanced for her age. I think she could swing it, don’t you?

She's a genius! Reading already.

And then it all else fails…


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