Friday Funny: Nekkid Yoga Breaks Up Marriages!!

So my Facebook pal, Lee Moulton, sent me a heart-breaking news. Apparently, NEKKID yoga might have contributed to the demise of Kim Kardashian’s sham of a marriage with basketballer Kris Humphries!

According to USA Today:

But what really seems to have sent Humphries packing is walking in on Kim, Kourtney and friends practicing hot nude yoga in the couple’s hotel suite — with a naked male instructor. Kris exclaims “that’s disgusting” and storms off (Watch video here). E! blurred out the instructor’s private parts.

Could Kim have read my post about how effective NEKKID yoga has been in keeping up the girlish figure, but just took it up a skanky notch or two? Well, I never intended on my advocacy of NEKKID yoga to contribute to the break up on a holy union. Frankly I’m feeling really, really bad about that.

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