Friday Funny: “What’s Up My Ninja?!” But First, a Few Announcements.

Hmmm...if his ARM looks that good, well...heh heh heh!

Before we get to our super-hilarious Friday Funny we have a few EXCITING announcements!

UPDATE! ALI, BROWNCOW AND ‘EM! The BB&W Sister-Friends Network will launch next week! In fact, we have our first lady in need of guidance in the cue! Please take a moment and email your screen name (or regular name) along with a few lines about your IRR background to be included in the list ([email protected])

Media maven, Janice Littlejohn will be featured on the Nathan Ivey Show on Sunday, chatting it up about our upcoming book and yes…OUR BLOG! To hear the audio follow the site:

Like Madam Niore? Yes? Well…YOUR ABOUT TO LIKE IT A LOT MORE! Those enlightened folks have invited me to do a weekly column on their site and their sister-site, starting next Thursday! I’m expecting the whole BB&W crew to go to jump over with me that day, because I have a feeling there’s a lot of ladies who need your sage advice. This is truly exciting, because it’s because of our community of intelligent and progressive black women that people are standing and taking notice. You guys rock! (Take THAT Long Hair Care Forum! You can’t see me but I’m sticking my tongue at you with my thumbs in my ears and waving my fingers around, say na na na na na na!) Aren’t I mature? Mom would be proud–37 year-old and still a toddler at heart.

Okay noooow, for the funny stuff:

Thanks Lyn, for passing along this HILARIOUS (yet, socially relevant) video. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

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