Friday Funny: “Why Don’t White Men Blog About IRR with Black Women?!”

Oh, the SHAME! According to reports by the Guardians of All Things Dark & Lovely (aka GAT-DL), not enough white men are blogging and/or recruiting other white men to date and marry us. This whole interracial phenomenon hopey-changey thingy is all in our heads, despite all statistics and anecdotal evidence to the contrary.

HEY! Rainbeaus. Don’t. Blog. All. Day.

The horror. I mean, what the HADES is wrong with them anyway, with their day jobs and stuff?! What’s so hawt about being gainfully employed? Money is seriously overrated. Just today, one troll commenter asked why my husband doesn’t host this forum, so, I asked him.

His words:

“Uh, because I’m a man who has a job. This is all you babe.”

There you have it!!! Finally the TRUTH comes out! Rainbeaus don’t blog about relationships because they’re too busy working to support themselves, their wives and children…you know, the ones who all have their last names, and even (in my case) those who don’t.

Bastards. They’re just using us for sex. I mean, what a great con, huh? Marrying a woman you want to have sex with all the time. What a scam!! Ladies, we really need to wake up. No rainbeaus are checking for us. Didn’t you get the GAT-DL memo? Nobody but NOBODY wants black women, not even BLACK men. We should just go somewhere and die already.

Well, I guess this will be my last entry, because apparently I am delusional and have not been married to a rainbeau for almost 10 years, and don’t stay home with my kids because he works all day, and why the hell is he doing that because he should be blogging about how much he worships me??!!?

This is it, guys. It’s been a good ride.


Pathetic try at the propaganda, GAT-DL. Come up with something that at least doesn’t make you sound like complete ninnys, nincompoops, chumps, dimwits, dumbos, dummies, dum-dums, loons, dorks, saps, jackasses, blockheads, jugheads, boneheads, knuckleheads, fatheads, numbskulls, numbnuts, dumb-asses, doofuses, clods, dunderheads, ditzes, lummoxes, dipsticks, thickheads, meatheads, meatballs, woodenheads, airheads, pinhead, lamebrainss, peabrains, birdbrains, jerks, nerds, donkeys, nitwits, twits, boobs, twerps, schmucks, bozos, turkeys, chowderheads or dingbats.

Happy fall, ya’ll.

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