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From LA with Love: A’leia and David – Part 1

I met A’leia and David through a mutual Facebook group, and became a fan of their YouTube channel. The link has been included below. (Be sure to watch their balloon challenge!) We had such a lovely conversation. I hope you enjoy their interview!


What are your names?

A: My name is A’leia.

D: I am David.


How did you meet?

A: I made a Twitter account and followed people that I went to high school with. He was connected to someone I was following, so Twitter recommended him to me. We started talking to each other and decided to do a video chat. We hung out two weeks later and have become pretty inseparable since. 


What are your cultural/ethnic backgrounds?

D: I am Chinese and Vietnamese.

A: I am mixed-race actually. My mother is African-American, Irish and Native American, while my dad is Creole. 


Where are you now in your relationship?

A: We have been together for six years, but we’ve been married for two years and a few months. 

D: Yes, it has been almost three years. Our anniversary is in February.


When did you know that things were going somewhere?

A: We clicked immediately. Right after we met face-to-face, we started texting and having phone calls all night long. We never stopped being in contact with each other. 

D: There was something special about A’leia that really drew me in. I could tell she was different. We weren’t having generic conversations. It was a really meaningful connection. I do not think that there was really any particular moment. Things just happened gradually. It seemed natural and right. We just went with the flow.


What is your ideal date?

A: We have kids, so alone time is always great. Before that, we loved hiking and travelling. Some of our really special dates include going to dinner, walking on the beach and having conversations.

D: Nowadays, we will go to Disneyland and do something that makes our kids happy. 


What is the best thing that you like about each other?

A: David is encouraging and supportive. I love that he will go out of his way and try to make things happen for me. He motivates me to stay on the path and keep going.

D: A’leia is supportive of all of my goals. The first thing that attracted me to her was her looks, but there is so much more to her. She really stood out to me. She is really family oriented and wholesome. With the culture today, it can be hard to find someone who really suits you, so we’re really lucky. 


What is one of your best memories together? 

A: That is a tough one. It is hard to say. We have so many great memories: especially being married, with two children together.

D: I would have to pick our children being born. 

A: I do not think we could pick anything other than that.

D: We could not top that.


Does your location have a lot of interracial relationships?

D:  In LA, interracial relationships are common. We never feel out of place. At the same time, AMBW couples are not as common. The opposite pairing of BMAW is more common. AMBW is still an up and coming thing, but it is growing. 


What challenges have you faced?  

D: At the beginning of our relationship, we lived too far apart. She was in San Diego while I was in LA. We would only see each other twice a week.


How did you deal with that situation?

D: Whether I was at work or home, we would make an effort to keep in touch.

A: We had to move around our schedules to stay connected. For example, David used to go to the gym after work back then. He would call me before or after the gym.

D: At the time, I was coaching.

A: I had two jobs as well, so we really had to make time.


Did you both have trouble deciding who would move when things got serious?

A: Not at all. I used to live in LA, but my mom got married and moved us to San Diego. As soon as I arrived, I wanted to move back. When we started to get serious, that question definitely came up.

D: I was a bit worried that she lived so far away, but I was happy to hear that she wanted to move back. I’m an LA boy, born and raised. I would not want to live anywhere else.


Thank you so much for reading this article. We will have another segment to conclude this article. Feel free to connect with David and A’leia’s social media below, as they are up and coming YouTubers!


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