Gabriel Aubry Enjoys Spring Break with Nahla; Comments on How Much Emma Looks Like Her.

One thing you can always be certain of is, you hang around the haunts of LA types and you’ll eventually see some celebrities. That’s what happened when me and the family took a jaunt up to Santa Barbara for a mini spring break vacation. On our last day we just so happened to camp next to the cabana of Gabriel Aubry, infamous ex of Halle Berry and their daughter Nahla. The day before, Mike told me that he and Emma were swimming and she’d made a friend…a brown-skinned girl who had hair  (golden brown with blond flecks and spiral curls) just like her. He told me the woman (don’t know who she is, maybe a girlfriend?) couldn’t stop fawning over her. I didn’t think anything of it, but when I saw the family today I couldn’t get over the niggling feeling that I knew this guy was a celebrity, but I just couldn’t place him. It wasn’t until the other kids in his group started chanting, “GA-BREE-ELL” that I finally put it together.

He’s not the nicest guy ever. But he seems really into kids (he comes from a family of nine), and is a very loving father. He even investigates the best potions, lotions and oils to manage his daughter’s curly hair. Apparently he’s loving neem oil. I gave them some advice to try Kinky Curly Knot Today as well.


Gabriel looking at Nahla swimming…



Gabriel walking down the stairs to his poolside cabana


Nahla and the unknown (at least by me) woman


Emma, Nahla’s “twin” according to Gabriel and his gal pal

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