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Gasp! Black Leading Lady Alert, AND! She’s Not a Wh*re, Mammy or a Maid!

Oh the sheer joy of what could be. Hot of the presses, director Scott Cooper and leading man Christian Bale pushing HARD to get Zoe Saldana to play the leading lady for gritty thriller Out Of The Furnace. According to Empire magazine, “If she signs, Saldana will play Bale’s ex-wife, who works as a waitress and is somewhat inconveniently remarried to the town’s sheriff. Robert Duvall is on to play Bale’s uncle and Cooper has Viggo Mortensen interested in the role of the villain.”

Between Avatar, Columbiana, Star Trek and (potentially) Out of the Furnace, it looks like Saldana is Hollywood’s new swirling “it” girl.

And uh…not that I’m condoning adultry or anything, but I’d LOVE to see Zoe and Christian Bale do a few love scenes. Can ya’ll fancy Hollywood directors throw in a few flashbacks or something?

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