GASP!! Paul Ryan Dated a Black Girl…What Does That MEAN?!

I’ve been hit up several times to read the tea leaves regarding news of Paul Ryan’s black ex-girlfriend and black sister-in-law, and what that might mean for the Republican ticket. My first thought was, “What the heck does Paul Ryan’s college ex  have anything at all to do with his policies in 2012?”  The personal is not always the political–the heart wants what it wants.

On the other hand it may reveal a little about his personality. Paul Ryan is 42 years old and was raised in Wisconsin. I’m guessing there wasn’t a lot of swirling going on in those parts when he was coming of age, so I’m sure he got a lot of, “Paul, what the cuss are you doing, man?” or, “Are you out of your Vulcan miiiind??” And if Ryan comes from an upper-class family the blow-back might have been stronger than 1,000,000 CHI’s going off at once, set on HIGH.

So, one might legitimately look into what makes a guy like that tick. I’ll admit, I’m curious.

In Chapter 6 of “Swirling,” I go in great detail about what an “ideal rainbeau” looks like for a black woman. Surprisingly in my research and surveys, a large percentage of non-black men involved and/or married to black women leaned toward the conservative and libertarian political spectrum.

A sample survey I conducted of 157 Beyond Black & White readers revealed some surprising results about the philosophies and political views of men who were happily married to black women. Nearly 40 percent of the voters said their guys were moderate and not beholden to any particular political party. Twenty-eight percent leaned toward conservative politics, and only 17 percent of the female respondent said their partners were flaming liberal raised by hippes. –Chapter 6, “How to Go From Mr. Rainbeau to Mr. Right”

That’s because many fiscally conservative, libertarian and independent card holders possess a string of commonalities rooted from an independent mind, little desire to please others at the expense of their own happiness, and in general, not giving a flying fruitcake what people think. These guys are mavericks.Who like guns. And huntin’.

In short, the fact that Ryan had a black girlfriend in and of itself means little in terms of how we can predict how the Romney/Ryan ticket would treat minorities in America, especially if Ryan is a FISCAL conservative. Judging from his stance on Medicaid and Social Security, my guess is if that’s how he rolls, the “pigment-based panderers” will have a whole lot of hand-wringing to do come November.

But why are we worried about it anyway? Two things would have to happen for this to really even matter. Obama would have to lose, and Romney would have to die or be impeached. The first could happen, but the latter isn’t likely.

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