Gotta Say Something Because This is Inexcusable: Eric Gardner Didn’t Have to Die for 50 Cents.

Many of you know that I draw a hard line on black men in the community who abandon their children en masse and never even think of marrying the voluminous baby mamas they have peppered all over their blighted neighborhoods. So when I first read about, then saw the awful video of gentle-giant Eric Gardner take his last breath because some sociopathic Staten Island cops wanted to arrest him for selling untaxed cigarettes for .50 cents, I thought it was awful, but even more awful was learning that this man was a married father of six kids.

Now I don’t know what kind of a father and husband he was, but the very notion that he VALUED marriage and family gives him major cool points in my book. What is worse, the idiot cops now left a six children FATHERLESS over a rap sheet full of petty crimes. I’m sorry. Selling “loosies” for .50 is hardly  worth a husband, father, and innocent man dying for.

And if you look at the video from start to end, there is absolutely no question the force was excessive and unnecessary. I weep for this man’s children who can see in real time, their father’s last moments of life.

In this video, you can hear the person ask, “Why ain’t nobody doing CPR?” The cop answers, “Because he’s breathing.” It’s pretty obvious that this man was probably already dead.


As a person who is unapologetically in support of the importance of fathers sticking around to raise their kids, I simply can not sit quietly on this. And while I believe the majority of criminals apprehended aren’t just walking down the street with their bibles on their way to church, I cannot dismiss the possibility that some cops are sociopaths who got lucky enough to get hired by a police department. Had they not, they would have sought to satiate their blood lust through criminal enterprises.

To think that police brutality is something that only affects black men is to be naive. One look on You Tube and will see that none  are immune to men who are power hungry and lack empathy. The universal color for a bad cop isn’t white, black, brown or yellow. It’s BLUE. Don’t think because you’re not like them, that a cop won’t use his power to abuse you. You’re be surprised how many people have a story, myself included.

And if you have a strong constitution, take a look at some of the comments on a message board for cops.

I guess it’s the best thing for his tribe.  He probably never worked a legit job. They city will pay off the family and they will be in Nigggaaa heaven for the rest of their lives!!

And another…

Fat fck perp who was anointed a Saint by all who knew him. Married, noticed how they put that in there, because 9 times out of 10 it’s not the case. This video will gain a lot of traction and heads will roll. Pretty much every cop there will be modified.

And another…

Again if Mr walking heart attack had simply put his hamburger shovels behind his back, he wouldn’t have had a heartbattackmfor over exerting himself. The NYPD did absolutely nothing wron. Tomthe guys slamming these NYPD officekrs, I and many here wouldn’t want any of you guys around us on a critical,incident. Hopefully you guys are desk jockeys.


So with that, I’ll be watching how the case will be handled by the City of New York, and my prayers go out to the wife who lost her husband and the children who lost their father.

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