Hair Care Rip-Offs…Do NOT Get Caught Up in the Matrix Again!

So, I guess natural hair has OFFICIALLY become the hot new thing. Because when I went to Target yesterday, I tripped on my cart and went flying head first into the frozen food aisle when I saw a Miss Jessie’s kiosk featuring this item:

Miss Jessie's Super Sweetback TreatmentFor…get this…48.00. And that was a sale. The regular price is now $55.39.






Let me get this straight. Black women abandon the creamy crack en masse, save themselves literally thousands of dollars a year, and now the natural hair care industry wants to rob us blind with their nuts and berries?

Maybe I’m missing something.

Does this product contain a magic hair-growth genie that will get me to waist-length within six months? Does it contain some exotic nut oil from the innards of the Amazon that only a tribe of eight-inch tall pigmies have access to?


Then can somebody tell me why Miss Jessie has decided to charge the equivalent to a day at the salon for this pink shite?

I don’t know about you, but I find this absolutely disgusting and exploitive. This woman’s company has probably the biggest ticket hair product in the entire store–the whole frickety-frakin STORE!! Meanwhile, “Becky” picks up the $3 Herbal Essence and calls it a day, and shakes her head about the poor black girls that have to pay a fortune to keep their hair looking decent.

Please, PLEASE do NOT allow these “Afro-centric” natural hair companies to once again rob you blind and create some kind of false dependency on their products. THEY ARE NOTHING SPECIAL, and you can make most, if not all this stuff from what’s already in your kitchen cabinet. After all, that how Carol’s Daughter and Miss Jessie started out, is it not?

I’m sensing a dangerous trend afoot, and I don’t want anyone in the BB&W Crew to get caught up in it. You don’t have to have Miss Jessie, and put Carol’s Daughter up for adoption. There’s tons of other products that work perfectly well on kinky hair–Quidad, Kinky Curly, Belegenza, Shea Moisture, not to mention the host of other really cheapo stuff–so please don’t allow yourselves to swap one dependency for another.

Wanna know who to really care for your hair, grow it long and healthy, without black hair product lines trying to rob you blind? Buy BB&W contributor, Dr. Phoenyx Austin’s book, “If You Love It, It Will Grow.”

Not only is she a medical doctor, but she’s an expert. The proof is in the Kodak:

Dr. Phoenyx Austin

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