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Halle Berry and “The Squinter” To Marry This Weekend

E! News Online reported two days ago that Hally Berry and Oliver Martinez (aka “The Squinter”) are to marry this weekend, like today. This is the 50-11th wedding for Halle and I don’t know how many for Oliver, who besides having a pretty good left hook, wants to ensure that the child he sired knows that he wifed his mama up before he made an appearance. Sigh…I have mixed feelings about Halle, because I am a firm believer that trouble doesn’t follow you unless you give it a forwarding address, and the sum of all her failed relationships is…her. That aside, she’s a gorgeous woman, who will have a gorgeous son with a handsome man who loves his family and seeks to protect them. So it’s because of those reasons I wish the soon-to-be Mrs. Martinez all the happiness in the world. Despite her tortured relationship past, anyone with eyes and an internet connection knows that this woman is desperate for lasting love and stability, and I hope this time she finds it in “The Squinter.”

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