I Hate Everything About Nikki Minaj. Except…

I hate the horrid pink wig.

I hate her foul mouth.

I hate her quest to look like Acid Trip Barbie.

I hate that my daughter and her friends love her.

I hate just about everything that is Nikki Minaj, except…how she smells.

Truth is, her signature fragrance, Pink Friday, smells delish.

Ugh, even the bottle looks disgusting.

It looks like an evil, armless Jetson’s robot.

But when I sprayed on it’s contents after a shower, I couldn’t get over how nice it was. It didn’t have the teenie-bopper one-scent note I thought it would. Instead, it had…layers. It’s composed of  exotic starfruit, jasmine petals and vanilla. “It’s the perfect fragrance for unlocking your playful side with a hint of edge,” say the PR folks who sent me a sample.

On a side note, Maxi Me just happened to be around when the package came in the mail. She promised to give me one of her kidneys and half of her liver, should I ever need it, if I would just let her have it, and would generously allow me visitation of the bottled monstrosity for an occasion spray when I want to unlock my playful-slash-edgy side. So…apparently it’s a hit with the young folks, and well, since it’s Black Friday and all, it’s worth consideration on your Christmas list.

Normally the fragrance will run you about $55. But Macy’s has a limited edition gift set–which includes 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 oz Body Lotion and 2.7 oz Hair Mist for $65. That’s a better deal, if you ask me.

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