Henrik: “Submissive Men are STILL Men

To jump straight into the middle, I for one, hate to even think of controlling a woman as it is against the freedom of an individual.

I love and adore the strong (even if it’s physical strength), confident and ambitious, smart, intelligent and well-educated women. A woman who has her own unique personality and special worldview is a wonder.
This is the reason why I’m a feminist and the great supporter of gender equality as well as that of every female empowerment related ideas.
Let’s release my soul and be honest:
In terms of some still alive societal expectations, I really do not see myself as one belonging to the average.

Actually, I am submissive man who isn’t afraid of openly admitting that he loves when women are as strong and intelligent as he himself. I love when women take the lead and pick me up, when she is clever enough to get what she wants.

It is so pleasing to see when women have that stereotypical “male-courage”.
To me, when women are ambitious enough to go for men are not at all desperate and instead of it, they appear to me as bold and very much self-aware and empowered. The releasing and developing of women’s equal natural instincts of finding a partner is a crucially important part of their own self-development and emancipation.
On another note, not every single men falls under the same category, which is why you cannot generalize. Those men who don’t want to comply to the old-fashioned expectations and prefer when women come to them are equally entitled to their desires as those women who love being picked up by men.

I am this kind of men who loves when women feel free and have the urge, courage and boldness to come to me. Everything that is allowed to or accepted for women is allowed to or acceptable for men. Away with the old-fashioned basless factoids of patriarchy-created stereotypes.

For example, if it is acceptable for a homosexual person to think of being the submissive in a relationship with another man or for a transgender person to long for becoming the other gender or to just imagine being the other gender, then why it is disgraceful for me to think of how much better it would be for me if I was in a relationship with a more “dominant” woman.
A dominant woman is also a woman and is a living human being who dares to be herself.
A man who desires such woman are equally entitled to their desires as women are to theirs.
The sexual needs of a human being belong to their own individual rights and do not disqualify them as human beings. We can’t tell people that they must have only one way of sexual desire as long as such non-conventional desires harm none. As long as it does no harm, it is all right.
I hope society will change through the strengthening female empowerment and by the acceptance of gender equality.
The problem is that too many conventional minded women unfairly call these “submissive” men cry-babies or half-baked and some women even despise them very deeply if they dare to speak of their emotinal needs for which they have all the right.
Stop generalizing about submissive men and stop familiarizing them with weak and fragile people!
Just like homosexual or transger people aren’t weak at all, submissive men are strong and skillful as much. Not every man fall under the same old categorical expectations created by the old-fashioned norms. In the old fashioned patriarchal sense, I, myself, am not at all an emotionless robot, an alpha male or any kinds of these nonsense, non of which is really in existence and only some of which describes rarely occurring individuals.
Many women have been misraised by patriarchal standards throughout the centuries and they didn’t even get to know their real natural needs that includes the hunting instinct to go for men the same way.
Apart from covertly or overtly sexist and chauvinist theories, there are no unanimously accepted real scientific studies that proving men to be the only hunter and not women.
We cannot create such straight lines between genders, because the hunting (partner finding) instinct are deeply ingrained into the genes of both genders. Women and men belong to the same species that is the Homo Sapiens, which is therefore more homogenous than heterogenous.
It is only about the way how people in each society have been raised or indoctrinated that as they grew up suppressed and altered their natural instincts. This is the deception created by the cultural background.

In our society, only males have been allowed to express their needs of finding a partner, while women were suppressed and slut-shamed, ridiculed, chastised if they dared doing the same.
Women have not been granted the same privilege what men have been.
Even today, as undeniable sign of a persisting hatred of women, many are unfairly called desperate if they dared to be themselves and dare to initiate their relationship. This whole “women are desperate if they pick up men” thing in my eyes, is manifestation of unfairness and is a means to suppress women by creating an illusion-based deceptive idea through the way how women are raised. Women were given a false and rather unnatural identity and the same applies to men as we are more similar than dissimilar.
Males just don’t need to be always the leaders and the providers or protectors. It just doesn’t work and cannot be applied to every man.
Likewise, not every woman wants to be an always dependant, feminine flower because there are numerous women who actually do want to protect or lead the man and these women have been coming out more frequently.
An equality based and much fairer education and indoctrination would be the best to overcome this “too masculine and too feminine issue”.
As I also pointed it out in one of my earlier article, patriarchy has also harmed men and not only women. Equality frees and releases both submissive men and dominant women or vice-versa.
By my submissiveness, I honour women’s suppressed, but now re-awakening, urge to find partner.

I am indeed satisfied that they “can do it” even in terms of finding their partner.

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