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Herb Way Gives Us a Reminder of How Incredibly Beautiful We Are

What other creature could possibly be more beautiful than this? If I EVER get the nerve to take a NEKKID picture of myself, I’m going to Herb Way.

He calls this collection “The Flying Dancer.” Ladies, THIS is beauty, Sunder Ashni,
–no lipo, no lip plumping, no weave, no make-up that I can see. Raw black beauty. “Working with her was a spiritual experience,” says Herb.

THIS is what Essence magazine should be focusing on. Herb Way is a man whom they should feature. Managing editor, Mr. Bullerdick, that a gander at this:

Photo courtesy of Herb Way of Herb Way Photography

Herb Way is the creator of Portraits of Eve, a beautiful book of photography highlighting the beauty of women of color. Check it out here.

Luna Noire made a comment in another post that struck me:

There is some serious schooling in this comment, Pam. I’ve seen firsthand the beautiful, smart young black women that throw their youth and beauty away on men that use them for their own pleasure or enrichment, and then walk away to scope out, and then exploit another unwitting black woman. Beautiful women being treated like some throwaway object by no-good men. It just makes you sick with sadness.

Next time somebody makes you feel ugly you tell them I say they can die slow, then go straight to Hades.

Don’t squander your beauty on someone, ANYONE, who does not DESERVE you.

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