No Wedding, No Womb!

Hey Single Black Moms, “White Women Raise Better Sons Than You Do.”

Closeup portrait of happy cheerful African family isolated on white background, young mother looking on her son, love concept

Closeup portrait of happy cheerful African family isolated on white background, young mother looking on her son, love concept

Le sigh. I just don’t know where to go with this, but just to once again remind you to get the phuck out of the dysfunctional sections of the black community committed to blaming black women for absolutely everything.

An article came up on my timeline called, “Black America’s Crummy Mummy Problem,” published in a men’s rights blog that celebrates, of all people, Tommy Sotomayor. While you might want to initially dismiss this article as tripe, note that this is a black man writing about how shitty black women are to an multiracial audience, thus further attempt to sully our collective reputation and scare off non-black men. Once again, the section of the community to has utter hatred and disdain for us is screaming from the rooftops that we are inherently inferior to white women. Who else is over it?!

Black boys in particular, often meet grisly ends in the poorest and Blackest sections of the American landscape; sections where the one common denominator, is the sheer prevelance of Baby Mama-led homes. As Janet Bloomfield powerfully notes in a recent article she wrote about new research showing that White women raise Black boys better than Black women do, the one consistent “product” Black women as a group, seem to crank out, are gangbangers, criminals, murderers and rapists:

“Black boys raised by white women do just as well as white children raised by white women, controlling for variables like socioeconomic status, education, income, etc. And of course the big question is why? There are a couple of theories the researchers measuring this phenomenon posit: some are simple, and some are much more complex. Black boys raised by white mothers tend to have distinctively white, rather than Black speech patterns. Barack Obama anybody? He sure is articulate for a Black guy /snark/. Those speech patterns allow Black boys to avoid a wage penalty as men. White mothers have an entirely different approach to education, teachers and the school system, and are treated differently by the school system, no matter what race their children are. This clearly has an impact on the outcomes for children. White mothers are more likely to be married and raising children with a father present, which has all kinds of benefits for children.”

Ms. Bloomfield of course, is referring to the fact that most kids in Black America are born out of wedlock – exceeding 70% and rising (with the current Black marital rate at around 27%). She continues:

“Is it any wonder Black women resent and hate their sons? Is it any wonder they raise thugs and gangsters? Give those exact same boys to white women, who have been taught to a much, much lesser extent that they don’t need no man, and those boys become accountants and neurosurgeons and teachers and HVAC technicians and entrepreneurs. Feminists try hard to make all women hate men and blame men for their own personal choices, but this message hasn’t stuck as well with white women in general, because it wasn’t backed up with widespread, institutional racism and discrimination that prevented white men from supporting their white wives and children.”

Here Ms. Bloomfield asserts that a big reason as to how and why Black America has such a Crummy Mummy problem in our time, is directly due to the impact Feminism has had on Black women writ large– and the argument is hard to deny in light of the simple fact that abortion – a centerpiece of feminists for nearly the past half-century – has seen its greatest impact on Black women themselves. According to the website, Black women have aborted more than 16 million(!) Black babies since the passage of Roe v. Wade.

Wait a minute. If black women are getting all these abortions, how is that related to the assertion that black women do a terrible job raising their sons? I mean, if we’re so bad, then why aren’t these people glad we’re not creating even MORE sons who hate our guts?

Unbelievable that black women are being blamed for gang violence, drug overdoses, high school drop out rates and moon spots while virtually no light at all is being shed on black man culpability. It is utterly insane.

It’s articles like this that motivated me to write “Sisters, Time to Stop Giving Birth to Men Who Hate You.” The piece wasn’t meant to encourage abortion like my haters have asserted, but to reject being a ‘baby mama candidate’ from the jump. Being a black single mother is the most thankless job you could ever have. I swear, black women are the worst treated women in America by their own, and the closet similarity I’ve seen is how radical Islamists treat their women. But damn, even they’ll marry them.

I’m honestly sick and tired of people writing me about hating on black men when articles, videos and message boards, rap music, celebrities and just about everybody gets free license to drag us through the mud. Are you serious?

Take a look at the comment from the piece:

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 2.28.05 PM

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to start fighting back. Not argumentatively, but strategically. I’m ready to cut off ALL vessels that feed these hateful people. I’m ready to stop begging these folks to change. I’m ready to spread the message far and wide that we will no longer be the collective whipping girl, blamed for all.

Who’s with me?

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