Hilarious Teachable Moment from Matthew Hussey Mocking ‘One Direction’ Song

First, I’m not even going to give a set up this video from relationship coach, Matthew Hussey. There is no intro needed.


After listening to the words, and Matthew rightfully mocking them, you have, in one song, the prime reason women are having so much trouble in relationships. Songs that basically say, “I won’t be there when you need me, or there when you’re sick, I won’t meet your parents, and I won’t give you thoughtful gifts. But if you want to f*ck, I’m your man!!”

The sad thing is that millions of girls and young women are growing up and buying into this bullcrap, instead of critically thinking about how damaging it is for us women to simply GIVE AWAY EVERYTHING for nothing.

And here you have an amazingly brilliant Englishman telling you this through comedy, and ya’ll really need to pay attention. Because he has a series on how to attract quality men the EXACT opposite of what you just saw here. Click here to learn more.

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