Hot Lips: Fall in Love with Coral

It’s no small thing when black women, from shades from ‘light as white’ and ‘dark as night’ can wear the same color lipstick and still look fan-tab-ul-ous. I remember seeing pictures of my grandmother, who was very dark, wearing coral lipstick, and I always thought it made her glow. I surmised that it was a 1950’s-1960’s thing, kind of like blue eye shadow (which by the way, is back, but I’ll be damned to Compton, California before I’d ever jump on that bandwagon).

Coral–not to be confused with a Jack-o-lantern orange–is an orangey, pinkish, and red all wrapped up to make one of the most beautiful color palettes for dark skin.

Korres, which you KNOW is one of my most favorite-est make-up brands (and no; they don’t pay me to say that) has come out with a line of lipsticks, lip balms and lip glosses in pink, to mauve, and coral. What’s great for summer is that their Mango Butter lipstick has an SPF of 10, so not only does it look good, it’s good for your skin. More than any other brand that I’ve tried, I’m impressed with how Korres gives great color and moisturizes and absorbs into the lips (in a good way.) Now if they’d get some darker foundations, they’d have ALL my money.

The lip glosses are the bizness, too. Even Paula Begoun, cosmetics cop and author of the go-to make up bible, Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me, give Korres lip gloss a check AND a happy face. “You’ll notice its balm-like texture that keeps lips protected from moisture loss. If feels substantial without being sticky and leaves a wet shine finish that doesn’t immediately slide right off the lips,” she says in the 8th edition of her book.

How to Wear Coral

Gigi Hunermund, who worked for a variety of make-up companies before she married her husband Oliver, says all shades of coral look good on all shades of the brown canvas. The only time you might run into some problems is if you purchase a lipstick or lip gloss with a metallic finish, which might make darker shades look ashen.

Here’s me wearing Korres’ Pomegranate lip butter glaze:


Now to finish the coral look, you got to sweep on some blush. Gigi SWEARS by blush and thinks it should downright be mandatory that black women wear it. “It makes your teeth look whiter, brightens your eyes, makes you look you youthful and (perhaps best of all) fertile.” Gigi recommends MAC Desert Rose, and Alexandra de Marco cream blush.

Here’s an orange blush You Tube tutorial I found. Just replace orange for coral and you’re good:

Because I’m completely bordline obsessed with Korres, I’m using their #18 Peach:

Guru Paula Begoun, who has her own line of cosmetics, also lurves the blush. “[It’s] one of the highlights of the makeup line. Although each shade has some degree of shine, the creamy smooth texture and near seamless application are commendable. Other strong points include the color payoff (a little goes a long way)and the way each shade enlivens cheeks without looking dry or powdery.”



Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me

Socialite Dreams (BWE make-up guru)

Lipstick & Lattes

Feel free to add your own make-up recommendations and favorite You Tube tutorials.

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