Dating & Marrying Ethnic Men

How They Met: Ed and Deidre!

Ed and I met at the skating rink. I remember the first time I saw him I thought he was a nice looking older white man but why is he here with all these black folks? Turns out Ed is especially comfortable around people of color. April 09 Ed worked up the nerve to ask for my phone number. It was a little uncomfortable when he approached because I was talking to a couple of friends…black males. He just walked up, asked about my plans for the remainder of the afternoon and asked for my number. Wow! Did this white man just asked for my number in front of these brothers? Yes he did! Oh my god! Did I just give this man my number in front of these black men? Yes I did! I love it!

Our first date was at Pierce’s Barbeque. Ed said he was nervous but I wasn’t. I found it to be refreshing. It wasn’t the typical date. Afterwards we visited the Yankee Candle Factory. I love that place. From there we stopped for coffee at Starbucks. Great conversation ensued and it’s been going ever since. Ed is the first man to ever ask me out for coffee.
Shortly after we began dating I remember standing in my bedroom thinking about how much I enjoy getting to know this man. I mean, this was the first time in my life I felt like was actually participating in the process of getting to know someone. It was markedly different from past dating experiences and I was having a wonderful time. It wasn’t strained or uncomfortable. I can say with certainty I was genuinely interested and wanted to be exclusive. Ed and I are inseparable. Its like we’ve known each other all our lives.
The courtship: A whirlwind experience! Ed is the ultimate in planning activities. Everyday there was a new experience. He is so chivalrous…the ultimate gentleman. He makes me feel cherished. I can say with certainty this is the first time I have ever felt truly cherished.

I just wanted to add something I think is important. I’ve been waiting all my adult life for a man who was willing to accept the responsibility of treating a woman like a woman. One who deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. From the very beginning I have received nothing less. He treats me like the a precious jewel or rare, delicate flower. Ed and I were married last year in October on the beautiful island of Antigua.

It was absolutely wonderful! An experience of a lifetime. I couldn’t have dreamed a more befitting beginning to our new life together. This experience for me is the fairy tale love every woman dreams of. A word of advice…sistahs, don’t settle!

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