I’m So Glad Russell Brand Opened His Big, Fat, Mouth. Proof the Many Liberals Practice Soft Bigotry

People like Russell Brand are the reason I stopped registering as a democrat. In a recent Fox News segment (yeah, yeah, I know Fox News is “blah blah blah” but they got this one right) the host highlights Russell Brand making fun of author of Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make it Harder for Blacks to Succeed. Jason Riley. Brand mocks this man for “talking white,” aka speaking proper English (which you’d think as a Brit Mr. Brand would appreciate, but hell, he talks like he was born in a East End whore house). He goes on to suggest that Riley is an Uncle Tom, I guess because he’s not depicting the “F!CK THE POO POO’S” posture he expects us negroes to fall into. I guess Riley just is just too “together” for him, and that probably makes him feel uncomfortable. In Russell Brand’s world, black people are to behave like dependent children. Jason Reily is in violation of not being a fit for his bigotry of low expectations of the ‘po black folk. Oh! Did I mention that this really un-funny comedian is offended that Riley doesn’t live in the hood like a good little negro? See and hear for yourself.

Listen, in politics, as with everything, there is a hard and soft, conservative and liberal, yin and yang. Both elements are essential. But when one group imposes a large amount of power–in the case of liberal democrats of blacks–then the “nurturing” element of liberalism becomes a suffocating chokehold. Like a mother who refuses to let her child grow up. Many liberals treat black folks like weak minded, mentally deficient riders of the short school bus, and too damn many of us let them. These are the same “well-meaning” folks who attacked No Wedding, No Womb, claiming I was “shaming” single mothers, even though the campaign wasn’t about single mothers, but at-risk teens and young adults who have yet to conceive. I have so much contempt for these kind of people it’s not even funny. These a-holes get uncomfortable when black people rise above the low bar they set. I’ll even go so far to say that bigoted liberals have contributed to the lack of marriageable black men and reduced the likelihood that an intact black family can produce enough “Jason Rileys” to affect any change.

Honestly, we don’t need liberals like Russell Brand on our side. Us “uppity negroes” don’t want what he’s selling. But! I will be buying Jason Riley’s book.

What say you?

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